Fly Bait Station for Long-Term Baiting Programs

The FBS1® Fly Bait Station is constructed with chipped metal flakes in the plastic, creating a high contrast that attracts flies. Its innovative design includes a five-year UV additive that prevents the elements from breaking down baits and provides a sheltered space for flies to feed. With long-term baiting, the FBS1 becomes an effective kill zone and management solution. 100% American made.


Vents in the front of the station allow flies to access the bait but prevent water from entering the kill zone.

Molded with clear plastic that includes compounded metal flakes to reflect light, create contrast, and give the illusion of an open area for flies to enter the station.

Red trays create additional contrasts to draw flies into the station. Comes standard with two removable, shallow bait trays for easy replacement and cleaning.

Works with granular and liquid fly baits.

Easily mount to walls, fences, stakes, poles, etc., with adhesive tape, nails, screws, zip ties, Velcro, or liquid nails. Packaged with double-sided foam tape.

Optional FBS1 ground anchor stake can be used for installation in outdoor patio areas and lush foliage.

Uses VM Products' Universal Key.


6.5” x 3.75” x 2.75”

Weight: 0.2359 lbs.

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