Michael Hovis better known as Mikey!

Meet Michael Hovis, affectionately known as Mikey, who brought his technology skills to the professional pest control industry in 1998 when he was hired by Myers Services, a large regional pest control provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Hovis’ initial task was to help roll out enterprise device scanning software, marking the beginning of his remarkable career.

As Myers evolved, so did Hovis’ role as he supported cutting-edge software solutions that transitioned Myers Services from computer scanning devices to cellular technology and championed various other technologies.

But his true adventure began in 2013 when he joined VM PRODUCTS, a pivotal moment in his career. “Being part of the VM PRODUCTS team has been an amazing ride,” Hovis reflects, encapsulating the excitement he found in this unique intersection of pest management and manufacturing.

Ethan Vickery, the owner and CEO of VM PRODUCTS, describes Hovis as a vital part of their operations. “Mike Hovis has 25 years of experience in technology, service, and manufacturing and an unwavering commitment to quality control, product validation, and customer service,” says Vickery.

Hovis has embarked on an adventure that combines his love for driving, his passion for the industry, and his adventurous spirit. VeserisTM, the premier pest control distributor in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean and the exclusive distributor of VM PRODUCTS, has requested product displays for all of their locations in the United States and Canada. Hovis has taken up the mantle to personally deliver these product display stands, traversing the vast North American landscape.

So, where is Mikey today?

Follow Mikey’s journey as he crisscrosses the United States and Canada, bringing VM Products to VeserisTM locations. Stay tuned for updates, and join Mikey as he continues to blaze a trail in the ever-evolving world of VM PRODUCTS. The adventure is unfolding, and Mikey is on the move!

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