About Us

Since 2003, VM Products has been a driving force in the pest management industry through
cutting-edge innovation. By collaborating with esteemed academic scientists skilled in
innovation and product management, our mission is not just to set but to exceed new
industry benchmarks. In this ever-evolving sector, VM Products stands as a beacon of
innovation, adaptability, and unwavering customer-centricity.


Setting Industry Standards with Solutions and Support

At VM Products, our dedication goes beyond the development of solution-oriented products. We are committed to offering innovative solutions supported by unparalleled customer service. Actively listening to our customers, we respond with a keen focus on surpassing expectations.

Customer Service that Exceeds Expectations

At VM Products, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is embodied in our three dynamic pillars of

Seamless Access
Our customers enjoy a direct connection with decision-makers who are empowered to ensure satisfaction with every interaction.
Streamlined Fulfillment
Strategically positioned, we leverage logistical advantages to facilitate seamless nationwide shipping and product fulfillment.
Empowering Through Communication and Education
We consistently keep customers informed about our latest products and enhancements while actively championing groundbreaking industry education dedicated to the success of pest management professionals.



Chief Executive Officer

Dawnery Vargo

Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Schrader

Chief Financial Officer

Debby Wright

CEO Executive Assistant

Mike Hovis

Chief Quality Director

Spencer Rutledge

Corporate Sales Associate