Snap Trap Station Driven by the Science of Rodent Behavior

The EZ Snap Seeker® is an integrated snap trap solution. Scientifically designed arched and cored-out entry point allows for large rodents and faster entry. The innovative design and indicator alert system allow efficient setting, trapping, and cleaning. Easily secure station along rodent runways with zip ties. Innovative retainer plug will prevent trap from moving due to activation or rodent force. Visual indicator alert system clearly shows when trap is set and triggered. 100% American made.


Scientifically designed cored-out, arched entry point allows for large rodents and faster entry while also creating the illusion of a pipe hole.

Baffling system allows the rodent to see through the station, providing a sense of safety.

Commitment walls force rodent to lift its head and interact with trigger zone.

Equipped with a dual-colored EZ Set indicator tie allowing user to safely set the traps externally and clearly showing when traps have been tripped. Indicator tie is yellow when set and black when tripped.

Integrated snap trap allows the full force of the spring to be used during the kill.

Removable snap trap is snapped in place inside station with the retainer plug, reducing accidental trips and allowing for easy cleaning or replacement.

Tiered wall design and V-shaped ribs for improved structural durability.

Barcode attached to lid provides a permanent inspection point, allowing easy scanning, mapping, and logging as part of IPM field solutions.

Ample room for internal documentation label inside.

Flexible attachment solutions allow precise placement along rodent runways. Utilize zip tie slot system on bottom of station for horizontal or vertical attachments, including pipes and trees.

Install on fence lines with U-bolts.

Thin plastic allows for easy puncture and installation of ground and surface anchors.

Can be secured to the ground or structures using the VM Surface Anchor (SA1) or VM Ground Anchor (GA1).


Replacement Traps Available Veseris #839106


11.25” x 7.25” x 4.75”

Weight: 1.231 lbs.

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