The Masters of Evasion: The Roof Rat

Roof rats are a big challenge and not just because they are up high. They seem to have this aversion for touching the ground and are playing a game of “the floor is lava”. Combating that behavior means putting traps and stations up high where they are. However, if you’ve ever dealt with a tough roof rat problem, you know that’s easier said than done. Here are a few tips that might help with three of our best products: EZ Secured, EZ Klean, and EZ Snap Seeker.

  • Look at the roof. Many roofs on commercial buildings are flat and easily accessed. Get bait stations in that area. It’s a good idea to use a weighted bait station like the EZ Secured, so it doesn’t get blown around. Make sure trees or vines are not touching the building and allowing the rats to access the structure.
  • Look for the entry points. It’s not just about putting the stations up on the roof. It’s where the rats are getting in. Sometimes, you can see the holes or the grease marks from their pathways. If you can, put the stations right in their path, as close as you can possibly get to that entry point or their runway. The EZ Snap Seeker can be zip-tied to beams and overhead conduits.
  • Set up the second line of defense under the roof. In attics and drop ceilings, you will want to use something lightweight like the EZ Klean or EZ Snap Seeker. Since most of these areas are dark, look for the pinpoints of daylight that may be the roof rats’ entry points. Again, get the stations right up along those areas. A trail cam can be helpful in identifying pathways.
  • Pre-bait if you can. This is a tough one because customers want the problem gone and gone quickly. If there is some leeway to pre-bait for even a few days, that’s time for the rats to get adjusted to the stations and more likely to go in there and feed when you switch to rodenticides. Bait with many types of food, so there is something they can choose from or use Airzonix.
  • Think small. We know rodents can squeeze through some very tiny spots, so think of where else you can put bait stations and traps aside from just the flat floor of the roof or attic. Building a small shelf or using a crate to elevate the bait stations may provide better results.

Roof rats are masters of evasion. They seem to get into structures magically, and since they are mostly nocturnal, their movements go unnoticed. Outsmart them using the EZ Secured, EZ Klean, or EZ Snap Seeker in the right areas. For more on these products and other VM Products, click here.

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