German Cockroach

5 Things to Know About German Cockroach Behavior

German cockroaches are found worldwide, pretty much anywhere people are. They have evolved to take advantage of all that people have to offer: plenty of food, safety in our structures, and water sources. Because of this, German cockroaches are rarely found outdoors, they are nearly always inside structures that people are inhabiting. Because of this behavior of using what we give them, they are also adept at avoiding control methods. Here are a few things to remember about cockroaches and how to think about treating as a response to their behavior.

  • ⚫They hide. Sure, all pests like to be safely tucked away but German cockroaches are exceptional hiders. They can flatten their bodies and squeeze through cracks and crevices you never even knew were there. Sealing up all cracks and crevices is ideal but realistically impossible. They like to get into equipment like the casings of refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, even coffee makers. It’s just not possible to seal up every tiny opening a cockroach could get into.
German Cockroaches Hide
German Cockroaches Love Hiding
  • ⚫Use monitors like the EZ Conceal to find where the “hot spots” are. Putting EZ Conceals in numerous areas around the kitchen and stock rooms will show you where the cockroaches are, and where they aren’t. You can then focus on those areas where you know the German cockroaches are while still monitoring the other areas.
EZ Conceal Placement
EZ Conceal Placement
  • ⚫Research has also shown that a typical German cockroach population has about 20% adults and 80% immatures. How does this affect treatments? Those immature stages rarely come out of their hiding spots. They rely on the adults to go out, find food, come back, and then they feed off the adults. Getting a treatment to a pest that never comes out of its hiding spot is hard. Add to that fact: females hang on to their egg case until just before it hatches. If you can’t get to that female you won’t get the thirty eggs (soon to be nymphs) she has with her. Using those EZ Conceal monitoring stations can get your treatments closer to their hiding spots. The closer that treatment is to them, the more effective it will be.

  • ⚫They are omnivores. When a pest isn’t picky about what it’s eating, it can find something nearly anywhere. Cleaning up as much of that food source as feasible will reduce the amount and access the German cockroaches have to food. It also makes baits more effective. If they have a hard time finding the crumbs under the oven, they will have an easier time finding the bait you place near their harborage. Talk with the customer and have them understand that cleaning up food supplies isn’t just for them, it’s to stress out the cockroaches and make them more susceptible to the bait you provide for them.
German Cockroache
Blattella germanica
  • ⚫They like warmth. A good PMP can use this to their advantage. German cockroaches will seek out those areas that are not only protected but warmer than other areas. Look for equipment like freezers, ovens, ice machines, and anything that has a motor running on it. Don’t forget about vending machines, toaster ovens, even electronics like game stations. Again, the EZ Conceal will help to narrow down the specific pieces of equipment they are hiding in, and treatments can be placed close to those areas. Think like a cockroach – where is it warm and safe? Focus on those areas for the greatest efficacy in knocking down cockroach populations.

EZ Conceal

If controlling German cockroaches were easy, you wouldn’t have so many cockroach calls. Remembering the biology and behavior of these pests can help you quickly find the likely areas they are in and treat them. Consistent monitoring of key areas can alert you to problems early, enabling you to keep populations contained and numbers low. For more on the EZ Conceal, click here!

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