Integrated Pest & Insect Management and Monitoring Tool

The EZ Conceal is a low-profile insect station designed to fit securely where you need monitoring and management most, while concealing the insects from customers and unwanted views. Built for hard-to-reach spaces, it’s ideal for discreet use in offices, commercial kitchens, and hotels, lying flat along floors, walls, or ceilings. Comes pre-assembled with double-sided foam tape for easy attachment. 100% American made.


Low-profile, covered station can be placed flat on floors, walls, or ceilings.

Textured ramps help crawling insects like roaches enter with ease.

Left and right wall sections are closed, shielding the contents of the glue boards from the general public.

Glue board sinks into the base to create a deadfall for insects.

Glue board attaches to lid, making it easy to service after station is set in place.

Accommodates Catchmaster™ #72CRM glue board perforated for four placements and also fits perfectly into commercial mouse repeaters for dual use.

Comes pre-assembled with double-sided foam tape and acrylic adhesive to ensure secure mounting and long-lasting installation to a variety of surfaces, even in hard-to-reach spaces.


4.47” x 3.25” x 0.57”

Weight: 0.075 lbs.

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