Rodent Exclusion

7 Tips on Residential Rodent Exclusion

In the most basic sense, residential rodent exclusion is about sealing up structures to keep rodents out. But to be effective, it is important to have a comprehensive view of housing structures, how rodents are getting in, and how to tackle the problem. Our newest guide in the 7 Tips series addresses all these issues.

7 Tips on Residential Exclusion provides tips on what to look for around key areas of a home, highlights strategies for fixing the problem, and suggested products to incorporate into your exclusion protocol. Each tip is specifically illustrated to zero in on the exact issue and shows you how to mediate the problem.

In addition, the resource includes a detailed diagram of home entryways that you can use while surveying a home for rodents.

The 7 Tips on Residential Exclusion can help you save time and money by finding and treating the issues faster and more efficiently. Faster resolution means happier customers and more referrals.

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