Private Label Available

Built-In Snap trap is securely mounted inside of station, reducing accidental trips

Use of EZ Set Indicator Tie ensures safety when engaging snap trap

EZ Set Indictor Tie is a 2 color heavy-duty zip tie

Trap is set when the indicator tie
is yellow and black

Trap is tripped when the indicator
tie is black

EZ Set Indicator Tie creates an indication
to the PMP servicing is necessary,
reducing technician time

Station can be ordered with or without a concrete block

Uses VM Products universal key; key works with ALL VM stations, both current and past models; all VM stations come standard with the new gray Universal Key

100% recycled injection-molded plastic

Environmentally friendly

Durable hinge design for extended durability
Durable hinge design for extended durability
Drain holes to keep water out

Easy cleaning

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