Private Label Available

Built-In Snap traps are securely mounted inside of station, reducing accidental trips

Use of EZ Set Indicator Ties ensure safety when engaging snap traps

Uses VM Products universal key; key works with ALL VM stations, both current and past models; all VM stations come standard with the new gray Universal Key

Trap is set when the indicator tie is yellow and black

EZ Set Indicator Ties are 2 color heavy-duty zip ties

Trap is tripped when the
indicator tie is black

EZ Set Indicator Tie creates an indication to the PMP servicing is necessary, reducing technician time

Commitment Wall forces mice to investigate the void behind the wall by committing to traveling over the wall and onto the snap traps

Removable clear center wall encourages mouse to go over commitment wall

Large locking mechanism is easy to open with no sharp edges

Clear escape light in the center of the lock encourages mouse to go over commitment wall

Durable hinge design for extended durability

Lifting tool can be purchased separately; eliminates need to bend over to pick up station

Lifting tool

1. Guide Wall

Back wall designed to force rodent into the station.

2. Open Floor Entry

Exposed surface gives rodent sense of safety as they flow into the station.

3. Removable Snap Traps

Allows for EZ trap maintenance

4. Removable Clear Center Wall

The clear, vented center wall forces the rodent into the target zone.

5. Commitment Wall

Rodent is forced over commitment wall into the target zone.

6. Escape Light

Light encourages rodent into the target zone.

Target Zone Flexibility

Station’s Target Zone can be used with two mouse snap traps or a glue board to trap rodents.

Lifting Tool*

Easily slides onto plastic side piece and eliminates need to bend over to pick up station.

*Purchase Separately

EZ Snap Mouse Gallery