Private Label Available

Low profile made to fit in tight spaces 12.5”x 3.25” x 8.75” weighing 1.3448 lbs.

Made with 100% recycled heavy-duty plastic with
5 year UV additive

Environmentally friendly

Can be used in residential & commercial applications, warehouse, restaurants, and office buildings

Uses VM Products universal key; key works with ALL VM stations, both current and past models; all VM stations come standard with the new gray Universal Key

Durable hinge design for extended reliability

Spring-loaded locking mechanism

No unnecessary voids prevents harborage for insects & unwanted water from pooling, which could lead to mold

 Exterior has raised edges to limit unwanted entry

Smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning

Provides a protected place for rodents to feed

Exterior has raised edges to limit unwanted entry
Smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning
Provides a protected place for rodents to feed

Station and Solid bait can be positioned vertically or horizontally

Can be used with soft, liquid, and solid rodent baits

Solid bait is secured in the station by using either metal or plastic rods, which lock into place

Can also be used with a removable tray which fits easily into the station, making servicing quick and easy

Each station contains 2 metal bait rods, but can accommodate up to 3 metal rods

Stations can be secured to the ground or structures using the SA1 or the GA1

Available in 3 colors,
Black, Green and White

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