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Guide wall prevents rodent from going behind station, leading it inside instead.

Open floor and angled guide wall at entryway allow rodent’s head to enter the station while its feet remain on familiar (safe) ground.

EZ Snap Mouse professional mouse bait stations

Once the rodent is inside the station, it encounters a clear, shatterproof wall that provides airflow and sight clarity through the station.

The removable clear central wall is designed with vents for air flow and optical clarity to encourage rodents into the station.

EZ Snap Mouse outdoor mouse bait stations

The rodent is forced to stop at the central wall and an escape light at the front of the station draws them further inside.

EZ Snap Mouse mouse bait boxes

Drawn by the escape light, the rodent moves over the commitment wall, dropping them directly into the target zone.

EZ Snap Mouse best mouse bait stations

Two removable snap traps allow two opportunities for rodent removal.

EZ Snap Mouse professional mouse bait stations

Equipped with two, dual-colored EZ Set indicator ties. Yellow when set and black when tripped.

EZ Snap Mouse outdoor mouse bait station

Easily release and secure traps for cleaning or replacement using the retainer plug.

EZ Snap Mouse mouse bait boxes

Barcode placement for easy scanning. 100% recycled injection-molded American-made plastic eliminates rust or sharp edges.

EZ Snap Mouse mouse bait station

Durable, low-profile construction is designed to be impact resistant and shield snap traps from children and pets. No rust and no sharp edges. Dimensions 5.75" x 10.2" x 2.85".


Replacement Traps Available Veseris #839107

EZ Snap® Mouse Station ­­–

USA Veseris #826439

Canada Veseris #796447


Replacement Trap – Veseris #839107


10.125” x 5.5” x 2.75”

Weight: 0.8 lbs.

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