Interceptor Mpact Rat includes:

• 6 per case

• 6 MPACT® rat snap traps

• 1 Interceptor device unit with reed switch and magnet


Through a connection to Wi-Fi, the clamshell rat snap trap uses the Interceptor platform that incorporates a reed switch and magnet. This reliable technology has been used in the home alarm business for decades. Once the reed switch and magnet are separated, a signal is sent through Wi-Fi that the trap has gone off. This low-profile device is perfect for residential or commercial. Can be used with VM Products’ EZ Klean or EZ Secured rodent bait stations.

Interceptor Mouse includes:

• 6 units per case

• EZ Snap Mouse station includes two snap traps with magnets installed

• Interceptor device with two reed switches

This utilizes VM Products’ Interceptor technology and incorporates it into VM Products’ EZ Snap Mouse. This station has The Science of Force Flow for speed of entry and encourages the mouse to engage with the two snap traps inside. Once the snap traps are deployed, it sends a signal to the IPM Square app and dashboard.