EZ Service Tray

EZ Service Tray: Service Bait Stations Quickly and Easily

The EZ Service Tray makes bait station management easier than ever. The versatile design allows the user to quickly and easily replace baits, take out trapped pests, or remove debris. Allows up to four block or eight soft bait placements, with three puncture points to make it harder for rodents to remove the bait. This removable tray comes standard in the EZ Klean and EZ Secured and can be retrofitted to your existing VM Products stations.


  • Comes standard and ready to use in the EZ Secured and EZ Klean.

  • Makes servicing bait stations quick and easy.

  • Allows for four block or eight soft bait placements.

  • Three puncture points make it harder for rodents to remove soft bait from the station.

  • Durable, 100% American-made, from recycled plastic.

EZ Service Tray – 843858