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Introducing MOSQUITOCON™: VM Products® Reveals Latest Innovation

MOSQUITOCON™ Water Holding Receptacle Is Distinguished by Its Durability

VM Products® (VM), recognized for pioneering advancements in pest control solutions, proudly introduces MOSQUITOCON™ water holding receptacle. Developed in the VM Innovation Lab, MOSQUITOCON stands out for its durability, featuring a dual-wall structure and a secure locking mechanism that ensures longevity and reliability.


Key Features:

Integrated Leaf Guard: Comes standard with a leaf guard to keep debris out of the water.

Low Profile Design: Makes it an ideal choice for various settings.

Heavy-Duty Concrete Block: The unit’s weighted construction ensures it remains securely in place throughout the year, eliminating the need for end of season service trips.

Receptacle Holds 96oz Water: Extended use in the field to maximize your service interval.

The VM Universal Key: Comes standard with the gray VM Universal Key.

VM Private Label Program: VM Products Private Label Program offers an exceptional opportunity for Pest Management Professionals to enhance their brand visibility and customer loyalty.

MOSQUITOCON is recommended for use with Natular®DT.*

*Sold separately. Always read and follow label directions.


For information on how MOSQUITOCON can be used in a Mosquito Management Program go to veseris.com/mosquitocon

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