The EZ Versa is the first versatile rodent bait station built for Bait, Snap Traps and Rat-sized glue boards.

VM Products’ first push lock design for easy open.

Comes with a key with every station.

Tiered walls for increased durability.

Core-out opening for larger entry point

Removable baffling wall system.

Two holes in the back of the station to attach with U-bolts.

Comes with bait rods. Snap trap and rat-sized glue board sold separately.

Versatile slot system on the bottom for flexible attachment.

100% recycled injection-molded plastic

American made.

Dimensions:  6 7/8” x 11 3/8” x 4 5/8

Works with Catchmaster Rodent Glue Tray 48R Series.

Rat-sized glue boards ideal for food processing facilities, audited accounts, food manufacturing, food distribution, or food warehouses

The EZ Versa is the first rodent station with a versatile baffling system with removable walls for use of snap traps or rat-sized glue board

VM worked with scientists to identify ways to move the rodent into the box faster. The result is a cored-out opening with a larger entry point allowing the rodent’s head to be in the box while their feet are on the existing surface giving the rodent a sense of safety to enter the box. Once the rodent is in the station, there is a baffling system that leads the rodent into the bait room.

Two slots on the bottom allow for zip ties either vertical or horizontal to rodent runways giving you the flexibility to meet any situation head on including pipe chases, tree limbs, rafters, etc.

Two holes in the back for attaching U bolts for use on fence lines.

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