Private Label Available

Made with 100% recycled heavy-duty plastic with
5 year UV additive

Environmentally friendly

Small, compact, economical and easy to operate

Low profile made to fit in tight spaces with a width of 4.75”, height of 1.25”, and depth of 3.75” weighing 0.1323 lbs.

Locking lid protects the bait from weather and other elements

Compact design allows the station to fit into tight spaces, either vertically or horizontally

Large bait area accommodates most bait

No unnecessary voids prevents harborage for insects and unwanted water from pooling, which could lead to mold

Metal securing rod works well with soft baits

Metal securing rod

Comes standard with a metal bait rod which locks securely into the station

Optional insect tray can be used with granular and gel bait.
Reusable insect bait tray is easy to clean
Can be used with soft bait

Bait both mice and insects with the same station.

A service label comes standard with the MBS-1 for easy documentation of servicing

Smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning

Uses VM Products universal key; key works with ALL VM stations, both current and past models; all VM stations come standard with the new gray Universal Key

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