The EZ Snap Seeker features an innovative design that allows you to SEEK OUT THE SOURCE in attics, drop down ceiling and tight spaces.

Featuring VM Products’ first push lock design for easy open.

Tiered walls for increased durability.

Core-out opening for larger entry point.

Snap trap secured with innovative plug system.

Versatile slot system for flexible attachment either vertical or horizontal.

2 holes in the back for attachment with U-bolts.

EZ Set indicator tie gives a fast and simple way to identify which traps have been tripped.

100% recycled injection-molded plastic

Comes with an American made Snap Trap with indicator zip tie.

American made.

Dimensions:  6 7/8” x 11 3/8” x 4 5/8

Three special features of the EZ Snap Seeker:

  1. The snap trap is secured to the station making it nearly impossible for the rodent to drag the trap off the station.
  2. The commitment wall forces the rodent to interact with the trigger zone
  3. 2-color zip tie allows for easy station monitoring
VM worked with scientists to identify ways to move the rodent into the box faster. The result is a cored-out opening with a larger entry point allowing the rodent’s head to be in the box while their feet are on the existing surface giving the rodent a sense of safety to enter the box.

Once the rodent is in the station, there is a baffling system that leads the rodent directly to the trigger zone of the snap trap.

The walls can create a baffling system or be used in a way that a rodent can see through the station.

Two slots on the bottom allow for zip ties either vertical or horizontal to rodent runways giving you the flexibility to meet any situation head on including pipe chases, tree limbs, rafters, etc.

Two holes in the back for attaching U bolts for use on fence lines.

EZ Set Indicator Tie creates and indication to the PMP that servicing is necessary, reducing technician time:

  1. Trap is set when the indicator tie is yellow and black
  2. Trap is tripped when the indicator tie is black

Innovative plug system provides durability that keeps the trap in place. The plug is:

  1. Removable
  2. Flexible
  3. Can face either direction

EZ Snap Seeker