Rat Bait Station

Top 3 Reasons Norway Rats Might Not Go To A Bait Station

What’s worse than Norway rats around a manufacturing facility? Having Norway rats that don’t go into your bait stations! Rodent issues are rarely simple and easy to manage. Norway rats have evolved to be around people and structures because they provide the food, water, and shelter they need.  There are a number of reasons Norway rats might not go to a bait station, here are just a few:

  • The station isn’t placed right. The closer the rat bait station is to the target rats, the more likely rats are to go to it. This can be tricky around a manufacturing facility because you typically want it up against the building, while the rats may be burrowing a few hundred feet away in an overgrown area to the side of the building. However, making sure those bait stations are as close as possible to the activity (while still following all rodenticide label regulations), will help. Make sure those openings are flush up against the wall/ground junction where the rats are most likely running too.
  • The station is too high. Per label regulations, bait stations have to be secured or anchored. For most, this means using a concrete block and securing the station to that concrete. Using a station that is pre-attached and is a low-lying station ensures Norway rats are more likely to go in. The EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station from VM Products uses a patented method to attach the bait station to the concrete block. This not only makes sure that they are going to stay securely together, it means the concrete is not as thick so the station sits closer to ground level. 
  • The station is too “new”. Norway rats are considered neophobic and will avoid new objects until a point where they become familiar. Since a Norway rat’s sense of smell is highly developed, smell can often dictate a new or not new object. Not many customers want to hear “give it a month or so”. One way to get around this is the EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station. The concrete is a special blend and also quickly picks up the “smells” of its environment; whether that’s on soil or concrete. The stations smell more “natural” and to the rodent, appear as if they have always been there, making them likely to enter and eat the bait.

You can be more successful in dealing with rodent problems if you keep in mind their behavior and biology and use the right tools. Consider adding the EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station to your arsenal of rodent control tools for more rapid resolution of Norway rat dilemmas. Click here for more information on this and other VM Products solutions.

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