5 reasons you must visit VM Products at PestWorld!

PestWorld is right around the corner and there will be lots of great stuff to see. Make sure you stop by the VM Products booth 629 because you won’t want to miss this!

  1. Find out more about the newest in AI. Artificial intelligence is making pest management devices smarter and it can help make your service more efficient. VM Products has the most advanced AI technology and the best hardware to pair it with. Find out how you can use this technology, sell it to customers, and improve your service.
  2. Stump experts. You’ve got questions about rodents and rodent control and our experts can answer them. Rodent control is challenging and getting the best, most accurate info on management tactics can help you solve problems faster. Come ask our experts a question on what’s happening with your rodent issue and get great advice.
  3. Las Vegas is about cards! You can learn about all the great rodent control products VM Products have to offer and get a set of playing cards. Each card has one of the proven, reliable, and durable products that you will want to add to your service offerings. The odds are in your favor that you will get the best in rodent control products!
  4. Chance to win. Check your inbox for a secret password to play Blackjack at the VM booth. Winners win $25 worth of poker chips. Chance to win the grand prize of $500!
  5. Chocolate mice. After you learn how using VM Products can improve your service, gain more customers, and ultimately save you money, pick up a chocolate mouse to celebrate your sweet success!

PestWorld is full of excitement with great people, products, and information. VM Products is the leader in quality rodent products like bait stations, traps, and more. Stop by to see all the quality products and get the most current information on rodent IPM programs.

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