EZ Klean Rodent Bait boxes

5 pro tips to win the battle with rodents using the EZ Klean Rodent Station

Use it on the roof.

It is common to see bait stations on the ground around a building. But that’s not the only way that rodents get into a structure. Roof rats in particular are going to access a site from the higher points. For commercial buildings that have a flat roof, the EZ Klean is a great option because it is low lying and can accommodate bait or snap traps. Even in attics, the EZ Klean can be used to deal with rats and mice that have gotten into that space. The best option is to have the customer cut back trees and other vegetation that is allowing the rodents in and to exclude the space. Until they can do that, setting out bait or snap traps in the EZ Klean is a great way to reduce and eliminate rodents.

Place in the shadows.

Rodents prefer dark spaces so putting a station in those shaded areas will increase the likelihood that rodents will visit the stations. Since the EZ Klean has a low profile and is durable, it can fit under overhangs, behind equipment, beneath shelves, and other tight spaces that are dark. Don’t just focus on the shadows during the day, think of the shadows from lights that are on at night and get stations in those locations.

Give them something good to eat.

The EZ Klean can hold both hard and soft bait. Don’t stop there! Make sure to rotate the rodenticides so the rodents don’t become resistant to the active ingredient or bait averse to the taste of the bait. Always read and follow all label regulations when using rodenticides. If using a snap trap, bait the trap with a small piece of food. This will add extra attractiveness to the station and rodents will be enticed in. If all the food sources around the trap can be eliminated, this makes the station the only (or at least the easiest) food source which will make it even more effective at catching the rodents.

Give them the idea of safety.

Snap traps in the open are a potential hazard to non-target organisms (fingers and toes and paws) but can also be perceived as unsafe to rodents. Even when snap traps are placed against a floor-wall junction, in a dark spot, and with some food bait, they are still an open trap. Using a station like the EZ Klean secures and protects the trap, and it provides a small, dark space that the rodents sense as “safe”. Since it is locked, it also keeps customers from seeing a dead rodent in a trap.

Find the path.

All those bait stations around the edge of the building are great, as long as that’s where the rodents are running. Look for additional pathways like through dense and low vegetation or around water sources. Check outbuildings like sheds and “graveyards” of old equipment, pallets, and other debris. Ground-level HVAC units are prime territory for rodents because they provide shelter (under the slab), water (dripping out of the condensers), and heat (in the winter from the motors). Place EZ Kleans as close to those established pathways as possible so it is right in the rodent’s runway and they run right in.

The EZ Klean is a versatile station that can be used in any number of locations. Choosing the right rodent station is key to controlling rodent populations. To learn more tips or get more info on any of the VM line of professional rodent control products, click here!

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