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3 VM Pro Tips to Keep Mice Out of Commercial Facilities

The MBS1 Mouse Bait Station is a versatile little station that can be used in numerous different sites and ways. Commercial sites are often large, with complicated floorplans and many people and vehicles constantly moving around. Having a small, compact station for dealing with mice is a valuable tool.

If mice have been an issue in the past or are a current issue, you may want to consider baiting inside a commercial facility. The MBS1 can be easily placed in secluded corners, under shelving, and especially in break rooms behind refrigerators and vending machines. Since mice look for sheltered areas that are warm, dark, and have access to food, these appliances are key targets. Food gets swept or washed under them, water accumulates below them, and the motors are constantly running, providingwarmth. Appliances hardly ever get moved, so it is undisturbed and dark underneath/behind the units. Even small refrigerators that people keep in their offices are prime targets for mice.

Getting an MBS1 behind/beneath appliances allows bait to be put right in their pathway. Always read and follow all rodenticide labels.

VM Pro Tip #1– in commercial facilities, look for other warm areas like boiler rooms, electrical rooms, and forklift charging stations that are less used areas.

When baiting, make sure the station is tucked back out of view and inaccessible to people. A great feature of the MBS1 is that it has a small rod to anchor either a solid bait block or a few packs of soft bait. This means the bait stays secured in the station, and you have more options with bait choices. With that in mind, it is important to regularly rotate baits, especially if these stations are part of a long-term baiting strategy. Repeatedly using the same bait can cause active ingredient resistance (rodents eat the bait but don’t die) and aversion to the taste (rodents refuse to eat it). Rotate the rodenticides to prevent resistance and taste aversion. You can mark the optional documentation card with what bait was used and when it was last replaced. The best mouse bait station


VM Pro Tip #2 – use a non-toxic bait as a test to see which areas have mouse activity in them. Those that have feeding activity, switch them out for rodenticide while leaving or relocating the others.

The MBS1 isn’t great for baiting just rodents. It’s good for insect baiting too. It has an optional removable bait tray that can hold insecticide bait. There are times, particularly in sensitive commercial accounts like food processing or pharmaceuticals, that you don’t want to use a bait that has any chance of contacting a sensitive surface. Keeping insecticide baits contained in a station means less chance of cross-contamination while still addressing the pest issue. It’s also a great way to monitor bait consumption. Since you know where you placed it and how much bait was put in, you can determine how much was eaten on the return visit. If a lot has been eaten, you know the problem is somewhere in that area. If little to no bait was consumed, relocate the station to another area. Whether it’s gel or granular bait, it is easily used inside the MBS1 with the bait tray.

Best Mice Bait Station

VM Pro Tip #3 – You can simultaneously use more than one form of bait in the MBS1. If you have a situation where you have more than one type of insect pest, you can use some granular bait in the tray, and place some gel bait around the edges.


Mice can wreak havoc in a commercial account and most accounts have very low tolerance for mouse problems. The MBS1 can be used proactively as a monitoring system with non-toxic bait and as an active bait station when mice are present. Getting the station close to where the mice are will give you the fastest results. The MBS1 can also be used with insecticide baits in areas where insecticide baits cannot be placed in open areas.

When using rodenticides and insecticides, always read and follow all label precautions and use directions.

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