Why This East Coast Pest Industry Veteran Trusts VM Products for Rodent Control Clients

When Jeffrey Weisberg entered the pest control business he knew he had to be at the top of his game. His grandparents started Boston-based A1 Exterminators in 1953, and through the years he saw his family build a great reputation in the community while continuously sharpening the skills of its workforce in order to exceed customer expectations.

Today, he has been in the business for more than 20 years and serves as the company’s sales and operations manager. His work embraces that critical balance of growing a business while growing his own technical skills and knowledge. Weisberg holds numerous industry licenses and certifications and has been the past president of the New England Pest Management Association.

Rodent control is a consistent request from many of Weisberg’s customers. About five years ago, the third-generation pest professional needed to consider a new rodent station vendor to help his residential and commercial customers. He opted for VM Products, and it’s a choice that has brought peace of mind for him, and stability to his overall business. Here’s a look at why VM has served this industry leader.

Customers (and rodents) don’t wait

With the tremendous need to control mice and rat populations in the urban areas his company serves, Weisberg requires many palettes-worth of rodent stations to be ready when he needs them each month. Delays only hurt business and frustrate customers.

“Here in Boston, with rodents, it’s a combination of preventative and corrective services that we offer; but a lot of times when people call us, they have a problem they want corrected right now,” he said.

Product availability became an issue with a previous supplier, so Weisberg made the switch to VM Products’ MBS1 (Mouse Bait Station) and EZ Secured rodent stations.

He uses MBS1 in the homes of residential customers and the pro appreciates how the device easily fits into tight spaces and can accommodate both soft or block baits. He has found EZ Secured to be a great choice for his commercial customers. Weisberg likes how the concrete block and other fastening capabilities keep the stations secure, and their overall durability allows them to stand up to whatever Mother Nature brings. And VM’s streamlined distribution was exactly what A1 needed, too.

To private label stations, VM embosses your company logo and contact information on every station.

“We took a look at the product and it made a lot of sense to make this move,” Weisberg added. “They’re really on the ball and very professional. There’s great support and they’ve made everything really easy.”

Private label, reputation

A1 has also taken advantage of VM’s private label program. Without any disruption or added time on orders, VM embosses the A1 logo and contact information on every station. This helps for branding, and it’s convenient for customers who need to call the exterminator but may not have contact information loaded into their smartphone.

Aside from product quality, availability and private labelling, Weisberg also partnered with VM Products because of its long-standing commitment to research and development.

“They are completely on their game,” he emphasized. “With all the advances in PestOptix and other technologies they’re working on, while we haven’t moved to some of those products yet, it’s great to know how committed they are to staying on the leading edge of product development.”

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