Three ways the EZ Snap Mouse Trap will Make You Look Like a Hero to Your Customers

As a PMP, your image is everything. The faster you can resolve a pest issue, the happier the customer is with you, the better reviews they leave you online, and the more customer referrals you will get. You can look like a hero with your customers by using the EZ Snap Mouse Trap.


When a mouse is running around, and the customer has seen it running, they want it taken care of. Usually by yesterday. While that isn’t possible, you want to catch the mice as soon as possible so the client looks favorably on your amazing mouse-catching skills.


The EZ Snap Mouse Trap is designed to draw the mice in, make them feel safe and comfortable, even entice them to the station. It has an angled opening that guides them in. The floor of that opening has a cut out so the mouse feels like it is still on the ground, when in fact it is already halfway into the mouse station. Instead of looking like a dark hole, the entryway looks like a tunnel to the other side. The mouse sees a straight shot through, but there is a clear plastic barrier in the middle. This forces the mouse around it an over into the traps.

This trap station takes into account the biology and behaviors of mice and uses that to lure them in with the promise of safety. The faster you can get mice to the traps, the better you look.

House mouse calls are on the rise! EZ Snap Mouse allows the rodent to see through the box offering a sense of safety to enter.


Not too many customers want to see a mess of open snap traps scattered around. Having a contained snap trap also means it is away from little fingers, paws, toes, and other non-targets. The EZ Snap Mouse is a great choice because it is low-lying and is designed to fit in tight spaces. Those tight and sheltered spaces are where mice are more likely to be. This way, you can get the trap closer to their nesting sites, food resources, and trails. The closer it is to them, the sooner they will get caught by it. If the snap traps are contained in a station, it also makes the mice feel more secure than just an open area, again, making them go to the traps faster.

The EZ Snap Mouse Trap is also less likely to be moved by the customer, especially since you will be placing it in hard to reach areas. This keeps it secure, in the pathway of the mice, and likely to catch more mice faster. You are looking good and professional to your clients now.

While it’s always good to kill a mouse, The EZ Snap Mouse keeps the dead mice out of site of the customer.


This will save you a ton of money and time because these stations come pre-loaded with the snap traps already secured in the station.

It’s been said a million times: time is money. The EZ Snap Mouse Trap is going to save you time in two ways.

The first way is you aren’t going to have to check every trap, every time. The indicator ties tell you from a distance which traps have been triggered (check those) and which ones haven’t (don’t check those). You get to spend that extra time on more important aspects of service like inspections, shifting devices around to high-catch areas, and working with the customer to do their part (sanitation and exclusion).

The second time saver is this trap is designed to catch mice faster. The faster you catch these little critters, the fewer times you have to return and a reduced number of callbacks. You look good when the customer has to call you less.


Look like the hero you are by saving time, energy, and money while solving the customer’s mouse problem fast. Look good by using the best mouse trap you can get, the EZ Snap Mouse Trap. For more on this, click here!

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