I’m a life-long believer!

Danny Myers, Co-Founder of VM Products,  recently received this message from Brandon Houston of Shurguard Termite & Pest Services concerning our EZ Snap line of products. Thank you Brandon for sharing your experience and we are happy that you are, as you put it, a life-long believer in EZ Snap!


I want to first start out by explaining how much I have always hated standard snap traps and glue boards. For years all glue boards have done residential wise is cause call backs which we all hate in this business, snap traps are an eye sore and always worried me with pets and kids because when they go off, they have a lot of force behind them. As we have evolved in this business and my knowledge has grown, a passion for rodents and rodent prevention has become almost an obsession of mine, then adding exclusion work to the mix fueled my fire even more.

With all that being said, I was constantly looking for a good, safe and effective alternative to glue boards and snap traps for my residential and commercial customers. I got my first EZ Snap only because we had a commercial restaurant chain that was wanting snap traps but didn’t want the snap traps seen or accessible to anyone per the customer. Michelle at Veseris recommended I use the EZ Snap because it would offer me both safety and reliability.

After putting them in a few chain restaurants, I still wasn’t all that sold on them until our largest commercial account called and said they had mice on floors 7,12,14 and 18 and they too also wanted traps that couldn’t been seen if something went off and couldn’t be accessed by tenants. I placed 3 EZ Snaps and 3 similar closed style traps on each floor to test which one would work better. After 24 hours we went to check all the traps and had caught mice on all floors and ONLY in the EZ Snap. Nothing in the other style traps.

These rats were caught in a box before we could even finish putting the other boxes out. It took roughly less than 20 minutes to catch them.


What really made me a believer was our most recent problem account we dealt with rodent wise. I received a call that one of our commercial customers was having a major issue with rats on the inside of their building and the rats were causing damage to people’s personal belongings. We had in the weeks leading up added more rodent stations to the exterior (every 25ft vs. every 50ft) had brought stations on the inside, glue boards everywhere and snap traps in all the hiding places and secure areas we could find.

In a 3-week time frame, we had not caught a single rat nor had the feeding in the exterior stations increased or slowed down the activity inside. I finally decided to take a step back, walk the whole facility with the District Manager and evaluate every square inch of the property in order to come up with a last-ditch plan to help our customer and keep us from getting fired. I decided to take every bait device we had on the interior, every snap trap and every glue board out and replace them with 30 EZ Snap boxes. I was, without a doubt throwing a hail mary because everything I had done to that point wasn’t making a dent or helping the issue.

In good faith the DM trusted me and we went to work. In 48 hours we caught 39 rats in the EZ Snap boxes and to current time we have caught over 40 rats and haven’t had a single trap go off in over a week. We’ve been out multiple times to check and monitor everything to make sure the issue doesn’t come back and the customer is happier than they ever have been with us. Had it not been for the EZ Snaps, there isn’t a doubt in my mind we would have lost that customer!

Since then we have completely revamped our rodent programs, added the EZ Snaps to our residential customers in place of glue boards, increased our sales and customer satisfaction in our exclusion department and received multiple emails and reviews of satisfied customers that don’t deal with rodents or have seen snap traps with dead rodents in them.

I have attached a photo, the photo shows an EZ Snap box that got 2 rats. These rats were caught in a box before we could even finish putting the other boxes out. It took roughly less than 20 min to catch these.


Brandon Houston
Sureguard Termite & Pest Services

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