Five Ways the EZ Snap Line from VM Products Saves Time & Reduces Callbacks

One way to prevent callbacks is to provide outstanding customer service. Another is to work with manufacturers who have the tools that pest management professionals need to have successful relationships with their customers.

For example, VM Products makes professional rodent stations with indicator zip ties that display two colors. The zip tie is black and yellow when the station is set; the indicator tie is black when a rodent has activated the station and is trapped inside. A customer can easily see the black indicator and notify the PMP that the station needs servicing.

Negative Effects of Callbacks

Callbacks create an uncomfortable relationship between customers and their PMPs.

• Takes time: Making a return trip to a customer takes up a technician’s time that could have been used more profitably on another job.

• Costs money: The customer does not pay for a return visit. The PMP has to pay out-of-pocket for gas, tolls and any chemicals used on a callback.

• Damages PMP reputation: Customers see callbacks as the PMP not doing an adequate job on the first visit. It doesn’t matter whether it was the PMP’s fault or not.

• Loses referral business: All businesses depend to a large extent on getting new business from positive referrals given by satisfied customers. Callbacks from unhappy customers do not produce referrals.

PMPs like to partner with VM Products because the EZ Snap line has features that reduce callbacks.

“Sense of Safety” Entryways

The EZ Snap Mouse and EZ Snap Seeker create a sense of safety entryway to make the rodent feel safe. These stations also have openings on both sides, so the rodent can see completely through the stations; this sense of openness makes the rodent feel safe when entering the station.  EZ Snap Rat has a design that lets the rodent smell the attractant before coming inside, inviting the rodent to enter. These design features enhance the performance of the snap traps and reduce callbacks.

Sense of Safety with the EZ Snap Mouse

EZ Set Indicator Tie

Indicator Zip Tie on EZ Snap Rat

The indicator tie is attached to a strike bar inside the trap and extends out through an opening in the back of the station lid. Pulling the tie sets the trap. Once engaged, the black and yellow zip tie is clearly visible from the outside, making it easy to see if the trap is still set. When the trap goes off, the yellow disappears into the box, making it easy to know which traps have been tripped and need servicing.

PMPs can walk by the traps and readily see which ones have fired. The ease of knowing when a snap trap is activated saves time and reduces customer callbacks.

Durable Structure

If a trap is not sturdily constructed or is not secured in its location, rodents can drag and move the station from its original position, creating a callback for the PMP. VM Products have an innovative plug system that prevents a rodent from dragging a trap away from the station. The EZ Snap Seeker has two holes for bolting a trap to a fence, the EZ Snap Rat can be purchased with a proprietary concrete block which makes it even more difficult for a rodent to move a trap.

VM Products makes all of it EZ Snap traps with durable, 100 percent recycled, injection-molded plastic made in the USA.

Durability – EZ Snap Rat on Concrete Block

Force Flow Design

EZ Snap Seeker has removable partitions that form a commitment wall to guide the rodent toward the trigger

EZ Snap traps have designs that lead the rodent through the unit to the trap. The EZ Snap Seeker has removable partitions that form a commitment wall to guide the rodent toward the trigger. The EZ Snap Rat uses interior walls that force the rodent’s head into contact with the snap trap’s trigger. When rodents reach the commitment wall in an EZ Snap Mouse unit, they will turn and interact with one of the unit’s two snap traps.

These designs are efficient and capture more rodents, reducing customer callbacks.

EZ Cleaning

Many traps are difficult to clean after capturing a rodent. VM Products, on the other hand, have unique designs that make for effortless cleaning and servicing. EZ Snap Seeker traps have a simple-to-use universal key system for security and opening the stations. A sturdy plug system holds the traps in place. The traps can be easily unlocked and removed for cleaning, putting the station quickly back in service.

By streamlining the cleaning and service process, VM Products reduce customer callbacks because of dirty rodent traps.

Customers hire PMPs to trap and kill rodents. They expect prompt, efficient service and don’t like to ask for callbacks. A PMP can lessen this problem by using products that are scientifically engineered to maximize technician productivity and minimize callbacks. VM Products meet this need.

EZ Snap Seeker with Universal Key

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