Second-Generation PMP Crenshaw Termite & Pest Control Relies on VM Products to Control Central Florida Rodent Population

While Florida is well known for termites, Palmetto bugs and other insects, rodents are the biggest reason why Crenshaw Termite & Pest Control continues to grow after 46 years in business.

According to President David Crenshaw, the company was started by his father in New Port Richey Florida in 1972 and his brother Tom Crenshaw became partner when he graduated from UCF in 1973. The company now is operated by David and his five partners, brother and sister Mark and Alice as well as Toms three children, Michelle Crissy and Joe.

When his father Joe left a local pest control firm to start Crenshaw Termite & Pest, David says he located the company in New Port Richey, just northwest of Tampa, where he and Tom grew the company. Today they have four offices with 22 employees and they serve much of Central Florida, including Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Citrus, and Polk counties.

Primarily, rodents have helped the company grow from a small family pest control firm to its size today. In Florida, the common roof rat is a big nuisance to Crenshaw’s residential customers. They regularly provide services to control roof rats and the occasional Norway rat.

Crenshaw says the rodents are known to cause considerable damage to insulation, pipes, electrical wiring, and other areas of a home.

“In certain areas the rodent population is off the map out of control,” he said. “We have several subdivisions that were once pristine, nice fancy subdivisions and part of the problem the older subdivisions were infested by rats and now they have become just older houses in an old subdivision.”

Crenshaw relies on VM Products to provide performance-based solutions that meet their needs.

“Their stations are excellent because I really like the way they are built,” he said. “They are stronger than most other products on the market and they hold up super good against issues that we face in the field.

“I also like the way VM Products’ stations lock because they provide durability and protection for pets and children.”

Other products on the market, Crenshaw said, are easier for pets and wildlife to access by opening the stations’ lids or they can carry them away.

“Some stations we’ve seen racoons can easily get into it, while others the coons pull hard and break the area where its screwed in and then they just devastate those boxes,” he said. “That’s totally counterproductive to use trying to provide a solution to their rodent control need.

“VM Products’ stations I don’t have to worry about, they are stronger and last longer against these types of issues than other stations.”

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