Miami-Based NaturePest Sees More Rodent Activity in VM Products’ EZ Secured Stations Than Competitors

In South Florida, Franklin Hernandez, owner of NaturePest Control and host of the popular PestGeek podcast, battles rodents on a daily basis on behalf of commercial and residential customers. When a car dealer client recently asked Hernandez to get the rats under control, he tested VM Products’ EZ Secured stations head-to-head against a competitor’s weighted station with the block inside, and “hands down” the rodents preferred to enter the VM Products’ station.

MIAMI (Wednesday, May 2, 2018) – Mercedes Benz automobiles are about as common in Miami-Dade County as beachgoers, food trucks, and art deco architecture.

Unfortunately, this market is also popular with rodents and insects as proven by the ranking it was given last year as the 6th most pest-infested city in America in the Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey.

For Franklin Hernandez, owner of NaturePest Control and host of the popular PestGeek podcast, this means business is very steady. One of his customers is a large Mercedes Benz dealership in the greater Miami area, and recently it was finding that it was under siege by rats hiding on the property looking for food sources and causing damage to the vehicles.

“There’s a lot going on at the property as they installed hundreds of live oak trees and the trees had nuts and rodents were simply coming in to get the food,” said Hernandez. “We’re competing to bring down a rodent population that they’re attracting because there’s 100,000 nuts being dropped regularly by their trees, and the rats are just coming to the area where that is.”

Hernandez said the rats were causing extensive damage that was annoying and costly.

“The rats would hide either in the vehicles or the facility and they would chew up the interior or get into the engine compartment and chew on the wires,” said Hernandez. “The damage one rat could cause simply by chewing on the wiring could easily be $5,000.”

Initially Hernandez put out a certain number of VM Products’ EZ Secured stations throughout the property but he warned the customer that they really needed more to make a dent in the rodent population. Eventually the client relented but Hernandez bought a competitor’s station instead and thought he would get a similar performance.

Miami PMP: EZ Secured Stations Outperform Competition – Cont.

Hernandez had the EZ Secured stations situated on the side of the dealership where the rodents were most active, but because there weren’t enough of them, the rats kept eating all the rodenticide. The EZ Secured units were spaced out evenly throughout the property – so when he purchased a competitor’s weighted station with the block inside, he put them in the exact same row on the property, just between the VM Products’ stations.

But the results were dramatically different between the two models. “We put the stations with the block inside in between the VM Products’ units to cover the gaps in those areas. And in those same areas I noticed I would go back after the 30 days of doing the install and regular service and I noticed there were very few bites in the competitor’s stations, but all my VM stations were either empty, or almost empty. They were all in the same row, same position, and on the same side of the building.

“We went back and checked it again every month and there was no change, the rodents were going into one unit and not the other. We thought of every possibility and tried to figure out what the issue could be, but we never got to that point. That was the question we kept wrestling with and we never got the answer, we just had to accept it because those were the true results.”

“Everything we did across the board was the exact same for both products and the rodents hands down preferred to enter and take the rodenticides from the VM Products’ EZ Secured over their competitor’s model and that’s why I use these stations regularly at all of my rodent control jobs.”

EZ Secured is designed to be a low-profile station that will fit into smaller spaces, providing somewhat discreet rodent control compared to larger models. Hernandez says he was using the competitor’s bait in its and VM Products’ stations, but the rodents still were more attracted to the EZ Secured units.

“Some stations rodents avert or ignore when they are first installed, but that usually only lasts a matter of hours. At first, we thought this was avertment, which is a common thing in the pest control industry, but this went on three months, four months, five months, six months and then a full year. There was no way to explain it other than they preferred EZ Secured units to the competitor’s stations, even with their own bait in both units.”

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